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Version: 3.16.1 (latest)

Getting Started

In this guide you'll learn how to install 3DiVi Face SDK on your PC and run a sample application.

To get started with 3DiVi Face SDK, follow these steps:

  1. Download the installer (Windows, Linux) to install 3DiVi Face SDK.


    Installer is supported by Windows 7 or later versions and Ubuntu 16 or later versions. If you use another operating system, download and extract archive for your target platform, and go to step 5.

  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.


    If you use Linux, before you start the installer, run the chmod +x 3DiVi_FaceSDK_Installer_Linux command.

  3. To run 3DiVi Face SDK in the "Select Components" section, choose a target platform (for example, windows_x86_64 or linux_x86_64) and click "Next" (See more about components selection).

    Component Selection

  4. When all required files are downloaded and installed on your device, finish the installation.

  5. An example of 3DiVi Face SDK root folder is shown on the screenshot:


    If you select more than one target platform (on step 3), use the switcher utility to select one of them (See more).

    To install additional components, use maintenancetool (See more).

  6. Copy the 3divi_face_sdk.lic license file to the license folder.

    How do I get the 3divi_face_sdk.lic file?

    You can get a 3DiVi Face SDK Trial license for free, license file will be sent to your email.

    Trial license lets you use all features of 3DiVi Face SDK with the following limitations:

    • 14-day time limit
    • Running Face SDK at most one device simultaneously
    • Processing at most one video stream

    To remove trial limitations, purchase the 3DiVi Face SDK license or contact us at

  1. Run the sample application:

    Plug in a webcam to your computer, go to the bin folder and double-left-click demo. Camera preview and detected faces will be displayed in the application window (learn more).

To start your development with 3DiVi Face SDK, check out our open-source examples and tutorials .

If you have any technical issues, check out a Troubleshooting page or contact our support team at

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