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Version: 3.16.1 (latest)


Main Development Stages#

  • Use Cases โ€“ Diagrams that show possible use cases and connection between the components.
  • Connecting Face SDK to Project โ€“ Instructions how to add and use the libfacerec library in your project.
  • Face Capturing โ€“ Custom face tracking, getting information about faces, anthropometric points, face cropping.
  • Face Identification โ€“ Custom face identification, identification methods.
  • Face Estimation โ€“ Custom estimation of age, gender, emotion, and liveness (2D/3D).
  • Video Stream Processing - Face tracking, creation of templates, face recognition, estimation of age, gender, and emotions, short-time identification.
  • Processing Block API - Alternative set of API objects for easy implementing Face SDK features.
  • GPU Usage โ€“ Instructions on GPU usage for acceleration of Face SDK modules on Linux x86 64-bit and Android.
  • Face SDK VideoEngine JS plugin โ€“ Integration and usage of the Javascript plugin.
  • Error Handling โ€“ Error handling in C++/C#/Java/Python.
  • Memory Management โ€“ Memory management in C++/C#/Java/Python.
  • Camera Calibration โ€“ Instructions on camera calibration and distortion correction.
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