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Version: 3.14.0

3DiVi Face SDK Technical Specifications

3DiVi Face SDK Accuracy (NIST Standards)#

The table below shows 3DiVi Face SDK quality metrics based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standards:

NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 1:1Score
VISA* True Acceptance Rate (@FAR 1E-6)99.62%
Mugshot* True Acceptance Rate (@FAR 1E-5)99.72%
Border* True Acceptance Rate (@FAR: 1E-6)98.99%
WILD* True Acceptance Rate (@FAR 1E-4)96.74%
Click here to see the description of image types from the table*
  • VISA – Full Frontal image type. The images have a size of 252x300 pixels. The mean interocular distance (IOD) is 69 pixels.
  • Mugshot – Full Frontal image type. The images are of variable sizes. The mean IOD is 113 pixels.
  • Border – The images are taken with a camera, which is oriented by an attendant toward a cooperating subject. This is done under time constraints so there are role, pitch and yaw angle variations. Background illumination is sometimes strong, so the face is under-exposed. There is some perspective distortion due to close range images. Some faces are partially cropped.
  • Wild – The images include many photojournalism-style images. Resolution varies very widely. The images are very unconstrained with wide yaw and pitch pose variation. Faces can be occluded, including hair and hands.

Accuracy of 3DiVi Face SDK Identification Methods#

FAR10.30 TAR (%)10.100 TAR (%)9.300 TAR (%)11.1000 TAR (%)

Accuracy of Face Attributes Detection#

Detection AttributesAccuracy Rate
Age3.95 y/o (mean Average Error)

Performance Data#

The tables in this section show the speed measurements for Face SDK modules using CPU and GPU. For more detailed specifications see the Performance Parameters section.

Timing Characteristics of Detectors*#

DetectorGPU (NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti)CPU (Core i7-7700K 4.4GHz)

* Speed is indicated for 4 faces in an image with a resolution of 1280x720.
** More efficient configurations of detectors are available. See the Performance Parameters section for details.

Identification Timing Characteristics#


MethodGPU (NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti)CPU (Core i7-7700K 4.4GHz)
11v100035 мс865 мс
9v30010 ms260 ms
10v10013 ms40 ms
10v3011 ms24 ms


MethodCPU (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845)GPU (Adreno 630)

Note: The speed test was performed using Google Pixel 3.

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