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Version: 3.11.1

Detection and Recognition of Masked Faces

Methods for recognition of masked faces were added in Face SDK 3.4. If you want to detect and recognize masked faces, use the video_worker_fdatracker_blf_fda.xml configuration file for detection and one of the configuration files for recognition below:

  • method9v30mask_recognizer.xml
  • method9v300mask_recognizer.xml
  • method9v1000mask_recognizer.xml

These are the configuration files for the methods 9.30, 9.300, and 9.1000 that were optimized to recognize masked faces. See more information about recognition methods and configuration files in Face Identification.

The options to turn on detection and recognition of masked faces in Face SDK are described below.

Using the pre-built video_recognition_demo sample#

  1. When running video_recognition_demo, specify the configuration file video_worker_fdatracker_blf_fda.xml in the --vw_config_file parameter.
  2. [Optional] Specify one of the above recognition methods in the --method_config parameter.

See the complete instructions and detailed info about the parameters in cpp/video_recognition_demo.

Building a sample from the source code#

  1. Specify video_worker_fdatracker_blf_fda.xml in the video_worker_config parameter when you create a VideoWorker object (C++, C#, Java).
  2. [Optional] Specify one of the above recognition methods in the recognizer_ini_file parameter.
  3. Re-build the app.

See an example of creating a VideoWorker object and detailed info about the parameters in Tracking Faces.

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